LV DVG America National Championship

About DVG

DVG stands for “Deutscher Verband der Gebrauchshundsportvereine” (German Organization Of Working Dog Sport Clubs). It is the oldest and largest working dog organization in the world and includes one of the original DVG sports, “Schutzhund”, which means “Protection Dog” in German, but is now known as IGP “Internationale Gebrauchshund Prüfung”. The organization is divided into numerous regions, which are all in Germany, except for LV DVG America, which covers all of North America.

DVG, like many other working dog organizations, follows the rules of the FCI (International Federation of Dog Clubs) for running its trials and other competitions. Click this link for the official IGP Rule Book. It’s an important distinction that DVG America is the only ALL-BREED WORKING DOG ORGANIZATION in North America. Any breed, or even mixed breeds or unregistered dogs, are eligible to compete in DVG sanctioned events.

WWDS Club Member Peter Harrington
with Falco Barnero, IGP 3
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