LV DVG America National Championship

About WWDS

Wild West Dogsport (WWDS) is the biggest DVG club in North America at this time! We have 140 members, with most of our members actively training & competing. WWDS boasts an amazing 16 DVG certified helpers. Our training director is esteemed DVG trial judge and National and International competitor Joel Monroe.
WWDS consistently offers 4-5 club trials every year – a feat nearly unheard of across the US. We have hosted regional championships and represent the Western KG (region) at regional competitions. We regularly send multiple teams to compete in the DVG-America National Championship. We also frequently host training seminars and helper certifications.
In 2020, WWDS sent 6 teams to the DVG America National Championship, and WWDS club members achieved 52 new titles: 19 BHs, 9 IGP 1s, 6 IGP 2s, 15 IGP 3s, 1 Protection 1, 1 Protection 2, and 1 Protection 3. Seven of our members earned V scores in individual phases and 1 an overall V score. To honor our members who attain titles, we host a “Pole Ceremony” each January, where we add the names and achievements of each member to the poles of the gazebo at our training field.

We look forward to meeting you at our event, and we hope that we can help make your competition experience worry-free and successful!

From all the members and officers of Wild West Dogsport,
we extend our heartfelt wishes for much fun and success at
the 2021 LV DVG America National Championship!
One of the poles of the Gazebo at WWDS
featuring honored club members' achievements
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