LV DVG America National Championship

Meet Your Championship Obedience Judge
Amanda Hoskinson

Amanda Hoskinson

Amanda Hoskinson is one of our busiest DVG LV America judges – helping competitors across the country with her thoughtful judging critiques and her supportive and upbeat judging style, she routinely draws record trial participation at Wild West Dogsport club trials and other sporting events.

Amanda writes:

“In 1986, I acquired my first Rottweiler. He went to work with me every day, showing me his loyalty, obedience, and protective instinct. I purchased that very company I worked for in 1992 and continue to the present day working in the construction industry with Rottweilers by my side. I love animals but adore dogs. My other interests include farming, firearms and most anything to do with history.

I joined DVG in 1993. Prior to that, I was very involved in AKC showing and obedience. I’ve held all types of board positions in both working and breed clubs. My clubs have organized many club events, as well as National (breed & IPO) and World Championships.

As a relatively “young” judge I’ve judged many club trials, a few Regional Championships and the UDC National Championship in 2016.

My trial experience with HOT (Handler-Owner-Trained) dogs:

  • Competed in DVG National Championships consecutively since 1997, with podium placements at all levels
  • Competed at numerous DVG Regional, AWDF, USRC and WUSV qualifying championships
  • Represented LV DVG America at the 2005 DHV Championship in Germany with Carla v Haus Anin (a Rottweiler)
  • Member of 6 world teams
  • Team captain for 3 world teams
  • Co-captain for the FCI World Championship

It is an honor and privilege to be selected as the 2021 LV DVG America National Championship Obedience Judge. I respect your dedication and hard work. I hope you will all enjoy your competition experience and most of all, the partnership with your dogs.

Good luck to all.”

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